Getting top dollar for your house begins with understanding how to see your house through the eyes of a buyer. To be a successful seller, you must have your house looking it’s best!



A magical metamorphosis occurs the moment you decide to sell your property.  The “home” you love so dearly turns into a “house.” This shift in vocabulary is part of letting go, i.e., the emotional detachment process all sellers experience sooner or later. Home is where your heart is. Houses, on the other hand, are commodities sold on the open market. You’re getting ready to sell a house.


Most people don’t really see their houses after they have lived there for a while. They don’t notice the effects of gradual physical deterioration and junk accumulation. Little stuff to them; not so little to a buyer! 

If you make the right improvements when preparing your house to sell, you increase the odds of selling it quickly for top dollar.  If, conversely, you do nothing or if you make the wrong changes to your property, you waste the time and money you spent, prolong the sale, and probably reduce the ultimate sale price.  


Most buyers make snap judgements about your house. Their first impression, good or bad, is usually lasting.  Buyers generally decide if they want to see the inside within 20 seconds of viewing the external attractiveness (curb appeal) of your property.  No matter how magnificent your house is on the inside, many buyers will drive by without even stopping if the curb appeal doesn’t say, “I’m loved, and I’m cared for.”



Curb appeal draws buyers into your house, but appealing, well-cared for interiors make the sale.  

You don’t usually have to spend thousands of dollars on your house prior to us setting the “For Sale” sign in the yard.  On the contrary, little things you do generally give the biggest increase in value.  Concentrate on the three Cs – clean it up, clear the clutter, and cosmetic improvements. 

Each house will have it’s own unique set of preparation needs before listing. 

Schedule your free pre-listing consultation with Kristen today to find out exactly what you need to do in order to sell your home for top dollar! She’ll give you ideas, tips, and tricks that have helped our sellers on average sell their homes for more money and faster than most homes on the market today!